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AOAC Official Method 932.14 Solids in Syrups

  • Published: 2013-09-10
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AOAC Official Method 932.14 Solids in Syrups
First Action 1932
Final Action
A. By Means of Spindle
(Accurate only when applied to pure sucrose solutions, but extensively used for approximate results with liquid sugar products containing invert sugar and other nonsucrose solids.)
(a) Direct.—Density of juices, syrups, etc., is conveniently determined with Brix or Baumé hydrometer, preferably former as scale graduations agree closely with percent total solids. Table for comparison of degrees Brix (percent by weight of pure sucrose in pure solutions), degrees Baumé (modulus 145), specific gravity at 20/4°C, and specific gravity at 20/20°C is given in 942.33 (see Appendix C).

Use Brix spindle graduated in tenths and of appropriate range, and cylinder of sufficient diameter (³12 mm larger than spindle bulb) to permit spindle to come to rest without touching sides. Solution should be at room temperature. If this varies >1°C from temperature at which spindle was graduated (20°C), apply correction according to 900.03 (see Appendix C). Before taking reading, let solution stand in cylinder until all air bubbles escape and all fatty or waxy materials come to top and are skimmed off. (Air bubbles may be conveniently removed by applying vacuum to cylinder by means of tube passing through stopper inserted in top of cylinder.) Lower spindle slowly into syrup; do not let syrup on spindle reach above syrup level.
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