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AOAC Official Method 940.30 Starch in Prepared Mustard

  • Published: 2013-08-28
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AOAC Official Method 940.30 Starch in Prepared Mustard
First Action 1940
Final Action
A. Reagents
(a) Calcium chloride solution.—30 g/100 mL solution adjusted to 0.01M alkalinity.
(b) Alcoholic sodium hydroxide solution.—Mix 70 mL alcohol with 30 mL 0.1M NaOH.
(c) Iodine–potassium iodide solution.—Dissolve 2 g I2 and6gKI in 100 mL H2O.
B. Determination
Place 5 g prepared mustard in 500 mL Erlenmeyer and pipet in 100 mL CaCl2 solution, swirling flask gently until all lumps are broken. Add calculated volume 1M NaOH to neutralize acid in weight prepared mustard taken for analysis. Add glass beads. Connect to reflux condenser, first wetting inside of condenser and stopper with H2O and draining 1 min. Heat gently (on hole heating mantle) to avoid initial foaming, and boil 15 min.
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