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AOAC Official Method 935.07 Sodium Hypochlorite Solution Pesticide Formulations

  • Published: 2013-09-02
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AOAC Official Method 935.07 Sodium Hypochlorite Solution Pesticide Formulations 
Sodium Hypochlorite Arsenious Oxide Titration Method
First Action 1935
Final Action
A. Reagents
(a) Arsenious oxide standard solution.—0.025M. Prepare as in 939.12 (see Appendix A).
(b) Iodine standard solution.—Prepare as in 939.13A (see A.1.07). Standardize against (a).
B. Determination
Transfer 20 mL test portion to 1 L volumetric flask and dilute to volume. Pipet 50 mL aliquot of mixture into 200 mL Erlenmeyer. Add excess As2O3 solution and then decided excess NaHCO3. Titrate excess As2O3 with standard I2 solution, using starch solution, 922.03A(f) (see 7.1.05), or the I2 as its own indicator. Subtract volume I2 solution, corrected to 0.025M, from volume As2O3 solution used, and from this value and specific gravity of product, calculate percent NaOCl.
1 mL 0.025M As2O3 = 0.003722 g NaOCl Reference: JAOAC 18, 63, 65(1935).

CAS-7681-52-9 (sodium hypochlorite)
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