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AOAC Official Method 932.18 Iodoform on Gauze

  • Published: 2013-09-09
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AOAC Official Method 932.18 Iodoform on Gauze

First Action 1932
Final Action
Weigh, in tared glass-stoppered weighing bottle, laboratory sample of CHI3 gauze containing ca 1 g CHI3. (CHI3 gauze is usually moist and loses weight rapidly when exposed to air.) Transfer to 150 mL beaker, add ca 75 mL alcohol, and stir until CHI3 dissolves.Filter into 200 mL volumetric flask, draining alcoholic solution by pressing on gauze. Wash with four or five 25 mL portions alcohol, filter washings, and finally dilute to volume with alcohol. Pipet 40 mL aliquot into 200 mL Erlenmeyer and immediately add 40 mL 0.1M AgNO3 and 10 mL HNO3. Proceed as in 932.17 (see 18.3.04), first paragraph, beginning “. . . let stand at room temperature ca 18 h.”

Reference: JAOAC 15, 441(1932).
CAS-75-47-8 (iodoform)
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